Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bein' SILLY!

There are a couple things our family is known for...

One is that we are ALWAYS LATE! As you can imagine, there's a lot of kids to wake up, hairstyles to fix, socks to match (which rarely happens by the way), shoes to find, and emergency spills to clean up in the mornings at our house. A friend of my mom's from church said the other day: "I was so worried about being late today, but then I consoled myself with the fact that you guys would be later!"

Another thing we tend to do around here is act GOOFY. We make lots of jokes, have lots of laughs, and do some pretty crazy things. The kids love to create "rides" and other forms of amusement from everyday items. Laundry baskets are a favorite. They've been known to ride down the steps in them, stick a smaller kid in one and proceed to spin it around the living room, and in the winter--attatch a string and pull it down a hill in the snow. Not to mention the (oh so wrong but oh so hilarious) "YO MAMA" battles Isaac, Janaya, and Lacy are into.


My mom's favorite line from a mother's day card is "We put the FUN in dysfunctional"

We have actually found being silly to be an excellent attatchment activity. In Ethiopia last December, my mom and I were trying to explain what 'boy' and 'girl' meant in English to Tekle. Pointing at each of us as she spoke, my mom said "see, Kelsey is a girl, Tekle is a boy, and mommy is a-" then Tekle interrupted her with "DINOSAUR!" (a word he had learned from watching Barney over and over again at the care center!).We all started cracking up
He was pretty proud of his joke! Humor is universal and seems to help break down the walls people have. I know it helped Tekle to feel comfortable and identify with us faster.

Ha ha and my group of friends is pretty crazy too...

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