Saturday, May 20, 2006

I Remember the First Time...

A great advantage to adopting an older child is that the family gets to watch their newest addition experience all kinds of new things.

During our layover in D.C. from Addis, my mom, Tekle, and I went to the bathroom to brush our teeth and put on a clean pair of clothes. I will never forget the excitement in Tekle's eyes as he tried out the hand dryers and automatic faucets. He was fascinated!! On that same layover, Tekle took his first bite of ice cream. He had seen it in pictures and told us matter-of-factly that "I is for Icecream". However, there was a look of shock on his face after the first bite--IT WAS COLD! He was not expecting it to be cold and was hesitant to taste it again. However, in the end he not only finished his cup, but gleefully scarfed down mine as well!

Since arriving home Tekle has been introduced to lots more...The light rail, the mall, Target, hockey, the dentist, and Roller Coaster Tycoon, to name a few.

Tonight Tekle and Aaron were shown sparklers for the first time! They were intrigued.

Oh, and my brother Isaac had them model do-rags for the first time tonight too :)

I love my little bros!!!!!!!

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Kimberley said...

Ive never seen anything more adorable! Im so greatly touched by your Blog!