Thursday, July 13, 2006

Aaron's Adoption Story Part II: Convincing the Rest of Us

Continued from Part I...

After even more prayer and soul-searching, my mom was convinced that it was time for our family to adopt again. She now had to get the rest of the family on board. Each person had a different reaction to the news. I of course, said "Yes, Yes, Yes!!". For years I had been trying to persuade my parents (ok, maybe begging is a better choice of words) to add "just one more" to our household.

My older brothers said "You guys are crazy...Seven kids?" Then following that question was a simple "That's cool". They did eventually get excited, but at this point we didn't even know who our baby would be.

Isaac (7th grade at the time) busted out with "Yes, more black people!"

Janaya enthusiastically agreed.

Lacy took a little longer to warm up to the idea. Ok, a lot longer. She was the baby of the family and had been for seven long years. She was very "well-nurtured" (polite way of saying very SPOILED), and was understandably concerned with being de-throned. Throughout the entire process she would be excited one moment, then crying 'I DON'T WANT A DUMB BABY!" the next.

My Dad was unsure at first and took awhile to decide whether or not we would proceed, but he was soon as anxious and excited as the rest of us!

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