Sunday, July 09, 2006

Love and Loss

One of the toughest realities of adoption is that as you are welcoming a new child into your life, someone else has had to say good-bye. One night I was lying down with Aaron, trying to help him fall asleep. I began to reflect on how much our lives had changed since he came home, and the immense amount of joy he has brought to our family. This led me into thinking about his birth mother. She must have been gorgeous because my little brother is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. She must have nurtured him with her whole heart because he never showed signs of neglect--his eye contact was incredible and he bonded quickly. She must have experienced unfathomable poverty because Aaron didn't even have children's clothes on when he was found--he was wrapped in an adult size t-shirt.

I was overcome with grief and stared to cry and cry...WHY does this have to be the reality of our world???

Instead of doing math homework that night, I wrote a poem:

Deeper than Most Eyes Can See

A beautiful mother
Deep pain set in her eyes
Holds her baby close, as she bears his hungry cries

She bows her head and asks,
"LORD what can I do?
My baby will not live, unless we find some food"

Her heart breaks to see
Her little ones condition
And out of love, this mother makes a desperate decision

She only wants the best
For her precious baby boy
A life free of hunger, and full of love and joy

Her eyes gaze down upon
His malnourished little face
Time stops as she brings him near her heart for an embrace

She whispers "Know forever,
That you are loved and cherished
I will think of you continually, until the day I perish"

She's trying to stay strong
But her lip begins to quiver
She wraps the baby in a shirt, and walks down toward the river

She picks a spot of land
Careful not to make a sound
And sets her baby down, where she knows he will be found

She bends down near her child's cheek
And gives him one last kiss
All the while grieving, the life that she would miss

She retreats back down the road
Careful not to look behind
For she knows that if she hesitates, she just might change her mind

God has been watching
Her prayers are not in vain
He knows exactly how it feels to see your son in pain

God has plans for this baby
"Plans to prosper, not to harm
To give him hope and a future", safe in a mother's arms

A woman has arrived
To fetch water for the day
She sees the tiny baby, and carries him away

The woman tries to care for him
But it's clear this boy needs more
A few days later he arrives at the Bete Sa'ida doors

The nannies really love him
And help him start to heal
The baby learns what it is like to be fed at every meal

He is loved at the orphanage
But the staff cannot replace
The gift of waking up to see your dad and mommy's face

Another mom across the globe
Has begun to pray
God's placed adoption on her heart; she knows she must obey

The love felt for this little boy
That she has yet to meet
Convinces her that 'till he's home, her family's not complete

The day finally comes
A mom united with her child
A pure and perfect love is felt ; he looks at her and smiles

These two mothers share a bond
Deeper than most eyes can see
They love this baby more than life, and want him to succeed

His brand new mommy knows
That he's a gift from God above
She promises to raise him well, and shower him with love

He is a living miracle
A sweet loving little boy
Jesus shines right through him as he fills a home with joy


Dawn said...

What a wonderful expression of words! You are wise beyond your years. The photos are fantastic as usual.

A Voice said...

Very nice poem! You made me cry!

Kimberley said...

I so agree with Dawn...You are an inspiring youg lady as well as talented.I so enjoy visiting your blogg!