Friday, July 14, 2006

Some More Firsts For Teketel!

Last weekend Tekle went to his first carnival/festival! The summer program at our church organizes it every year--I remember going when I was his age :)
Tekle was a bit overwhelmed with the whole experience. He downright REFUSED to play any of the games at first. So, I just held him and we walked around observing everything. Pretty soon my arms were tired and I asked Tekle why we were still there if he didn't want to play any games. "'Cause this is fun Kels". ("NOT FOR ME!"I thought).
With the help of an extremely friendly staff, Tekle was coaxed into playing a few games, and he even slid down the giant slide!

Tekle also had his first treat from the ice cream truck!!!


tablefor4 said...

Your blog is sooooooooooooo great. What a WONDERFUL family you have. I've never have seen a blog where a sibling talks about what it's like having so many brother and sisters, so it's a true joy. :-) My friend is adopting three young boys, all under the age of 2. Hope it's o.k to add you to my links.

Kimberley said...

That smile of his screams a thousand words, all which are overflowing with happiness and love! I can't imagine who is happier him, experiencing all of these wonderful firsts or you guys getting to see him experience them.