Friday, October 20, 2006

Exciting News!!!

After fourteen years, Isaac has made contact with his birth family for the first time! My mom was able to find his birth-grandfather's number, and he was very excited to hear from us. Since then Isaac has talked to numerous birth siblings and his birthmother. He and one of his birthsisters seem to be getting to know each other very well, and they have been on the phone A LOT. This connection is so important for Isaac to have, as his birth family is frequently on his heart.

Isaac wasn't at home when he recieved the call from his birthmom (she called his cell phone), so after talking to her he called our mom to see what she thought about everything.

Isaac: "Are you sad?"
Mom: "No Isaac, I'm very excited for you"
Isaac: "Don't worry, you're still my mom."


Kimberley said...

I think this si awesome and such an unselfish act of love on your moms part! Such a strong lady!@

J said...

You're mom sounds amazing. You're mom's comments will resonate in that child;s heart forever! What an awesome testimony she is to this child!