Monday, October 16, 2006

Sometimes I wonder...

Will he be familiar enough with the traditions and people of Ethiopia that he does not feel like a stranger within his culture?

Will he be equipped to handle the grief of losing his birth family?

Will he be at peace with his past?

Will he ever feel like a piece of him is missing?

Will he seek to reconnect with Ethiopia, or will it simply be the place he tells people he was born?

I know that adoption was the best option for Aaron. God couldn’t have made it more clear that he was meant to be with us. The circumstances bringing him from the brink of starvation to a thriving, joyful, and cherished member of our family are miraculous. We needed him and he needed us. However, it doesn’t negate the losses he experienced early in life. It breaks my heart that he will have some serious issues to navigate as he grows up. I just pray that we can equip him to the best of our ability, and be there to support and love him through everything.

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5KidMom said...

Aaron is blessed to be part of your family, and blessed to be able to call you his sister. Obviously, you are are all part of a family that thinks deeply about these things and does its' best to prepare for the things that might come in the future.