Thursday, November 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Tekle!!

Tonight we went to an Ethiopian restaurant to celebrate Tekle's birthday. When we got there all the tables were full so the waitress seated us near a Mesob (traditionally used as a table, but it was only being used as a decoration--see picture) to wait. Tekle was so excited to see one that he kissed it! It was such a fun night, and Tekle was visibly thrilled. He was even dancing to the Ethiopian music and putting on an impressive show until he realized the waitress was watching ;)

Tomorrow is his actual party so Tekle is having two birthdays in a row!

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Kimberley said...

Goodness what a blissfully happy little boy! Im sure you guys made this one to be a birthday he'll always cherish

fairyesque-scandal said...

I found your site from Kimberley's. What an inspiring family and story you have! Adoption has always been a desire of mine to persue when I was older and married, and it's wonderful to see such beautiful connections being made in families like yours with children overseas. I hope someday I can do the same ^_^

Susy Q said...

Hi Kelsey,
I also post on the CHSFS forum since my family is adopting through that agency, and I noticed a thread you started a little while ago regarding videos for your youth group. I, too, for my Senior Interest Project (which I'm starting now) plan to raise awareness for the need in Ethiopia through my high school. In the future, would you mind if I asked you (through your blog or e-mail) some questions about how you went about starting this group and what you do with it? I have a good idea of what I want to do, but I'm always open to suggestions!

Thanks! If you'd like to contact me my e-mail is ohsusanna848 at hotmail dot com.