Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Project

A family who is waiting to bring their son and daughter home from Ethiopia is organizing a really cool project called "Yesus in the Streets". They are encouraging both adults and children to fill one gallon bags with things for people their age living on the streets of Ethiopia. They suggest that you include fun things from your own collection (toys, candy, hair stuff) and practical things (toothbrush, soap, lotion). They are also asking those who participate to include a picture of themselves holding their bag. When they deliver the bags they are going to try and get a picture of the recipient to send back to you. In each bag the family will include a card that says "Jesus cares about the orphans, the widows, and the poor. Jesus cares about you. Jesus sees you. Jesus loves you." in Amharic.

The number of homeless people living in complete poverty in Ethiopia is heartbreaking. This project gives us the opportunity to let people know that despite their circumstances, they are immeasurably valuable to God. Our family has had a lot of fun putting bags together, and I would encourage anyone who can to participate!

To read more details and see a cool video promoting the project, visit Heather's blog:


Heather said...

You and your siblings ROCK! I just realized I don't have you linked on my blog and I can't believe it. Your blog is too awesome to have missed for so long. :)

Bradshaws said...

What a great project. I am going to talk with my kids about this!