Monday, December 11, 2006

What a Year...

Dear Tekle,

As of yesterday you have been home one full year! In some ways it seems to have gone by fast, but at the same time it's hard to imagine life before you came home. I remember the day I met you and you leaped fearlessly into my arms. I couldn't believe I was finally holding you and hugging you. It felt perfect.

Some of the best days of my life were during the week we spent in Addis Ababa together. You looked a little scared the first night you were with mom and I. You just lied in your little bed staring at the ceiling. When we asked you if you would like to come sleep in our bed, your eyes lit up and you jumped right in between us!

Do you remember how whenever I used to hug you and say "My Teketel", you would hug me right back and say "My K-ahl-see" with your sweet Amharic accent? Or the way you would have to tell me over and over again how to say the colors of the Ethiopian flag (aronguaday, bicha, kiy)?

I remember looking at all the kids at the care center and thinking to myself that God couldn't have picked a more perfect fit for our family. You are most definitely a child of destiny. It was more than a coincidence that you showed up at the care center the exact day mom was leaving to bring Aaron home from Ethiopia. She only played with you for a little bit, but your special little spirit touched her so much that she wasn't satisfied until you were safe in her arms seven months later.

This year has been full of discovery. Seeing the joy on your face as you experienced new things made me feel as though I was seeing something for the first time too. The first time you rode a bike was a day to remember. It was the middle of winter, but you insisted on going out and riding on the shoveled side walk. Months later, your precious bike fell off the rack on the back of the van. You were pretty devastated. Lucky for you, mom and dad bought you a new one only a few weeks later. Now, most little boys would immediately hop on their new bike and ride off into the sunset, but not you. Instead, you ran up to thank mom and give her a big hug (and THEN you rode off into the sunset). What an example of your pure heart.

As you put the angel on the Christmas tree last week. I thought of how awesome it was to have you here to participate in all our Christmas traditions. It was a little hectic at this time last year with all the adjustments, so it will be fun to just relax and enjoy the season this December.





You are amazingly intelligent, loving, and wise beyond your years. You do something to make me smile everyday. You are sweet, kind, funny, and brave (especially for sitting on Santa's lap last Friday). You are "MY Teketel".
I love you sweetie!



Mrs. said...

Thanks for stopping in!
What a touching post to Tekle! I love your blog, it is time I subscribe. Thanks for blessig me today with your tribute to your little bro.

J said...

momteacherfriend pointed me to this blog and I am so glad she did! What an amazing story of love and family. You are blessed and are a blessing to those around you. Thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

I came across your blog and wondered if you could give me information on adopting a known child after completing an adoption. We just brought our children home this week from Addis, and I feel I've left someone behind!

Heather said...

I'm just now catching up on my blog reading and this letter to your little bro has brought tears to my eyes! What an amazing teenager you are and what an amazing mother you will make one day.

J said...

I've missed reading your blog...the last post was Dec 11th?

J said...

oops - disregard last comment - I just noticed I had my favorites set up wrong.