Saturday, January 27, 2007

Back Again!

We went to the Ethiopian store again tonight. Tekle came along this time, and called it the "injera mercato". The man who owns the store tried talking to him (in Amharic and English) but Tekle was too shy to respond. The man understood, saying that his own kids don't like to speak Amharic either. Tekle examined everything in the store and was especially fascinated with the materials used in the traditional buna (coffee) ceremony. I had fun practicing my Amharic and the owner invited us to come back next week so he can give us some recipies :)

"So what was your favorite part Tekle?"

"The gatorade!!"

Ok then.

1 comment:

momteacherfriend said...

That's funny.
I am sure he enjoyed more than the gatorade. What a great experience for him.