Saturday, January 20, 2007

Caught off Guard

My mom has been battling a pretty bad virus the last few days, and on Wednesday I was put on "snack duty". Seems easy enough right? Well when snack duty consists of an 8 month old, a 2 year old, a 3 year old, and a 5 year old, it gets a little chaotic (two daycare kids were over). Admittedly, I was in a pretty bad mood to begin with, and it did not improve as I frantically refilled glasses, cleaned up spills, retrieved dropped spoons, and responded to annoyingly specific snack requests. Tekle had been begging for hot chocolate, and being the good sister that I am, I made some for him in the midst of the chaos. I handed him the mug before heading back into kitchen to find more animal crackers for the disgruntled baby. Before I could reach the doorway I heard a firm little voice say 'oh, and get me a straw".

Get him a straw?

Did he really just ORDER me to get him a straw? Of course I started thinking "what a spoiled, assuming, little............"
A look of realization crossed his face, and suddenly I heard the sincerest little voice say

"Thanks for all you do for us Kelsey".

And my heart melted.


chel said...

oh my gosh what a sweetheart:-)

momteacherfriend said...

Moments of sweetness in the midst of chaos, I love it!