Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Connections to Ethiopia

Last week my Dad noticed a sign on a store window advertising injera as we were driving home from the U of M. I asked him to pull over and excitedly went inside to look around. There were five men hanging out inside, and their conversation came to a halt when I walked in. I'm guessing they don't have many non-East African shoppers, and I could feel their stares as I scanned the store. I was beginning to feel pretty awkward, so I hurriedly bought some injera and walked up to the cash register. One of the men decided to break the silence and asked me incredulously

"you cook Ethiopian food??"

I laughed and explained that I didn't, but my Dad did, and that I had Ethiopian brothers who loved injera. Soon, all the guys the store were asking questions. They asked if I spoke any Amharic, and so I said "Sime Kelsey New" (My name is Kelsey). We had a really fun conversation about Ethiopia. As I was leaving, the man at the register said "I have a gift for you, to help you learn more Amharic" and handed me a really cool poster illustrating the letters of the Amharic alphabet. I was so excited and thanked him many times before I left (once in Amharic even!). I am so happy to have met such cool people.

My dad cooked Ethiopian food the next day, which thrilled Tekle. It is still so fun to see how excited he gets about injera and "doro wat" (Tekle calls anything we put on injera doro wat, even though doro means chicken, and this sauce was beef").

I am glad my Dad noticed the sign!


Chris Brooks said...

You truly have a beautiful family!!

We miss y'all.

5KidMom said...

What a fun experience! I am itching to go into LA one day soon, so we can go to "Little Ethiopia". We haven't been there in over a year and a half. That was before Grace came home. I know it will be extra fun to have her with us when we visit this time. 8^)

Anonymous said...

For Ethiopian related news and information, the best site I find is the Ethiopian Portal,

This website also allows any registered user to add links, send invitations to an event, and register for the pen pal page.

momteacherfriend said...

I need to fins a good Ethiopian restaurant and try this injera. I have heard about it on many different sites. I will let you know if I find any around here and what I thought of it.
How awesome for the boys to be able to make it for them.

momteacherfriend said...


Thanks for the site. I have a restaurant about 10 minutes away. We live near a large university so yeah.

I will let you know what I thought.

Avery said...

learn the alphabet, it makes learning the language SOOO much easier, as ou aren't reading a transcription of the amharic words, but you can actually read the amharic words in amharic and everything is written phonetically -- very, very helpful

^i^ Grandparents Cyber Corner ^i^ said...
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^i^ Grandparents Cyber Corner ^i^ said...

Hello! I'm happy to find your website and wonderful family. My husband and I previously took care of a few children from Ethiopia at a children's home in Dallas. We still hear from them even though they are now grown up and on their own. They were each from Addis Ababa, were always the sweetest children, such a joy. You are welcome to stop by our blog anytime. Grandpa and I are newbie bloggers so there isn't much content at present, but we are adding more as possible. We will bookmark your blog and stop by again soon. Take care and we wish you all many blessings!