Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dinomights Follow Up

So the segment on the Dinomights aired during the MN Wild game yesterday. Thanks to the miracle of editing, my interview didn't look too horrible (I still have a list of changes in my head though).

I think it's great that the team is getting publicity. The work our coaches do is amazing! It was especially fun to watch because the night it aired, we had three additional Dinomight girls sleeping over (Janaya's friends), so we all watched it together. Good thing we recorded it, because everyone screamed whenever they saw themselves on the screen.

Here is my bootleg footage--I taped it off the tv with my digital camera so the quality is pretty bad...I'm at the very end of the clip with my beautiful tutoree ERICA :D

***The actual segment was longer, but my camera didn't have enough memory space to hold the whole thing. This is the abbreviated version.


Linds said...

Hi... thanks for visiting! I work with a lady from Africa called Tekle. Yes,I really love diversity, and it seems your family do too. What a gorgeous bunch! I will be back.

Bek said...

thx for tha comment on my blog - loved ypur podt "caught off guard" :) priceless