Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Day in My Life

I have read a lot of cool "A Day in my Life" posts on other people's blogs recently, so I thought I would do one of my own:

I woke up at 8:10. My school starts at 8:30. I had been dreaming that I was trapped in the White House and somehow woke up thinking that it was Sunday…

I quickly straightened my hair, causing irreparable damage I’m sure.

I drank Green Tea during first hour since I was too late for breakfast.

3rd hour is gym. I hate gym. It is very inconvenient to change clothes, run around, and then change clothes again so early in the morning. At least I have friends to suffer with!

Hmm… what can I say about math class? Absolutely nothing…it’s just math.

Kristen and Alexa waiting in the lunch line with me:

We decided on turkey sandwiches.

After lunch I got a pass to the media center to hang out, I mean work on homework. (Actually, I did work on my documentary a little bit)

Jonathan read me a story and I fell asleep. He’s crazy.

Marika congratulated me on surviving until 2:00pm without coffee!!

Marissa and I decided to pose by the mural.

6th hour is my favorite part of the day because my friend teaches me Amharic!

After school I was pleasantly surprised to see that Peter was over. I told him that today was his lucky day because he gets to be a part of my “A Day in My Life” post!

Aaron is the highlight of my day. Scratch that…the highlight of my life!

My grandma gave me cooking lessons today :)

I went to tutoring around 5:00. This is Erica working on her ‘About Me’ book

Lacy and her tutor, Leah.

Kathy got her ears pierced!

After tutoring Leah took me out for coffee. She is such an amazing person, and gives me lots of good advice!

Tekle always wakes up around 11:00 p.m. I usually let him hang out with me for a little bit, then send him back to bed. Tonight he kept me company while I went on myspace and worked on this blog.

These are the pots I have left to wash tonight…

And sometime before the sun rises, I will go to sleep!


5KidMom said...

Girl!!!! Get some sleep!!

I lived on Pepsi, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Curly Fries in High School, but I also slept from time to time. Go to bed!!! 8^)

momteacherfriend said...

very fun!

Anonymous said...

"...trapped in the white house...." ???? who knows... I wouldn't be surprised if you call it home one day... you're just too good to be a regular person....

Swerl said...

As someone fairly new to the adoption blog world, it's so much fun seeing such a happy family from your unique perspective.

I just started my own:


Feel free to check it out and link to it, if you wish.

Grandparents Corner said...

Kelsey, how do you 'ever' make it through the days? LOL It all sounds like a whirlwind, but it's obvious you have lots of family and a great family along the way. And hey, they never let us have a drink to carry to class. Cool how things change. ;)

My husband had a heart problem over the last two weeks but God was ever so faithful. Please come by and read my post about it.

Take care all!

Bonnie @ Grandparents Corner

Grandparents Corner said...

oops, mistake in my post above. I meant to say 'lots of fun and a great family' to spend time with along the way.

Many blessings!

Bonnie @ Grandparents Corner