Monday, March 12, 2007

A Short Story (sorry Jess)

My Annoying Brother
By Lacy (9)

My brother is 20 and his really weird name is Jesse, my mom had to find a good name but she did not. He lives in my cool house. He eats all my wonderful food. My brother is weird, really weird.

One day my really odd weird brother was going on a dumb date. He smells super bad he would get dumped and I would not be laughing. It would be sad to be dumped (well I do not really know how it feels) so I have to help him. I got sad. Oh my goodness! He is acting weird. And I will say it again and again and never stop saying it. Wow he is sounding funny too. My brother is looking like a weirdhead. I need to help my weird brother to look good so he doesn't get dumped, but I would keep on laughing. "Hey brother, come here" I called. "I need to help you so you don't get dumped." When I was done he looked like a king. A cool King. I helped my brother so much. That's what brothers and sisters are for. At least that's what they should be for.

My brother is so messy. I wish he would be neater and I have been trying and trying to help him. First I told him to be neater, but he never listens to me. He listened to me about the date because he liked the girl and he needed some tips. Now he is not listening because he does not like cleaning up. My brother never cleans his room and he should be dumped in a second. I can't even walk in my brother's room to put his clothes away.

I tried to punish my brother but it did not work. I told him that if he did not clean his room he would have to do 100 push-ups. I tried and tried to punish my brother abd I kept on trying and trying and he still did not clean his room because he never listens to me. He is getting on my last nerves and I got soooooooooooooooooow mad at my brother. My brother drives me crazy. That's how mad I am at my brother. I am sooooooo frustrated. Super super frustrated at my brother.

I told him I will give him two dollars if he cleans his room but he still does not listen to me.

Now I know that when you have a brother he will always bother his sister and the sister will get angry, but I will always Love my brother.

Finally he started to clean up his clothes because he was getting married. He got married to his girlfriend and they lived happily ever after.



momteacherfriend said...

Cute Lacy! I liked the story.

Kelsey- Loved your comment...I don't think I ordered one of those whatever they were. You cracked me up. :)

5KidMom said...

Good thing you helped Jesse out on that date, Lacy. Not only did you keep him from getting dumped, but you helped him find a wife. Now she has to worry about his messiness instead of you. That should sve you lots of frustration, and maybe even a few bucks. Good job!! 8^)

Thanks for your kind words on my blog, Kelsey. This is a tough time, but the support of our friends and family makes a big difference.

Grandparents Cyber Corner said...

Kelsey, when our son was in high school, he sounded just like your brother. He got tired of me begging him to stop long enough to clean his room so he started paying his sister to clean it for him. She enjoyed making the money.

Brothers and sons are like that... yeah they are!

Enjoyed your post! :)

Chris Brooks said...

Yup.. Jesse is dumb! I agree.

anolderbrother said...

Ouch and a half!
Chalk one up for Kelsey