Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tellek Wendim (Big Brother)

Tekle and Aaron absolutely idolize Jesse. He is their definition of "cool". They want to wear hats like him, drive a car like him, and the best way to convince them to finish their dinner is to say "If you wanna be strong like Jesse you had better eat your ____!". The love is reciprocal--Jesse adores Tekle and Aaron too.

Jesse and I show our love to the boys a little differently. I give lots of hugs and kisses, tell them everything they do is amazing, and play a pretty nurturing/protective role. Jesse on the other hand, play-fights with them, throws them into the air, and tells them to "be tough" when they aren't as hurt as their whining would lead us to believe.

Whenever I say "Guess what?!" Tekle and Aaron yell back "I LOVE YOU!" because they know that's what I'm going to say. When Jesse says "Guess what?!" They yell back "CHICKEN BUTT!".

It's all the same message though :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There's Always Something to Laugh At

Kelsey: "Are you excited to get some injera and doro wat?"

Tekle: Yeah!!!

Kelsey: Wait, maybe we should get something a little less spicy--I don't know if you can handle the doro wat anymore"

Tekle: No, it's ok. I haven't lost my tongue yet.

By Lacy
(a picture/description of my mom's costume on Halloween)

This is my mom Cindy, but we mostly call her mom. This was her costeum in 2007.She was jrest up as a longery basket.She put in one pare of pants and one pare of underwear. My mom had the bestis costeum in the world. The end.

And lastly, a video. Please excuse the song--I asked Tekle what kind of drink he's talking about and he said "Mango Juice" so I think it's ok :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Yesterday was my 1-year blogiversary! It has been such a cool experience to "meet" new people through this blog. All of the sweet and encouraging comments have meant so much to me. Thank you for reading and letting me share "Our Life" with you :)

On an exciting side note, I went to a banquet this week for a scholarship program that is giving me $16,000 over four-years of college! I am so tuition is ridiculously high, and the assistance we are getting has been such a relief for me and my family.