Friday, July 13, 2007

One of the Joys of Big Families

(I'm experiencing some writer's block with the Mexico was a very emotional week, and I'm having a hard time expressing everything that I would like to. I'm going to post about something a little easier for now)

My family is capable of annoying me more than anyone else on the planet.

It is not unusual for me to come home and realize that someone has been in my room--my clothes mysteriously disappear, my cell phone charger turns up missing, my previously unopened pack of gum is left with only one piece (if I'm lucky), and my jewlery box is spilled all over the floor. Of course, nobody admits to touching anything, and there's really no way to find out who did it when there are so many "suspects". I guess things just walk off by themselves. Or maybe a robber came while we were all sleeping.

Other times I get in arguments over things like chores or computer time. And once in awhile, it's more serious than things like that. But one of the joys of living in a big family is that even when I'm furious with one or two or three, of the people in my household, there are always nine, or eight, or seven people left! It makes it hard for me to say "I CAN'T STAND MY FAMILY!" because that statement is so inclusive. I have to be more specific if I want to complain :)

I was so appreciative of Lacy last weekend. It had been a dramatic evening at my house and I really needed to get away and have some quiet time, so I went to the coffee shop. Shortly after I arrived, Lacy showed up on her bike. She announced with a huge smile on her face that she came to visit me, and sat down at the table. We talked for awhile, then decided to go hang out at the beach for a little bit. She contently waded in the water while I wrote in my journal. Every couple of minutes she would bring me a "really, really, cool" seashell that she had found, or tell me an interesting fact about bird formations or other fun things. My anger completely evaporated as we spent time together. It was such a JOY to be around her!

And I think it is impossible to get mad at Aaron. Even when he's mad, he's adorable. It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, he ALWAYS makes me smile.

There have been so many times where in the midst of anger and frustration, I've been caught off guard by the kindess of one of my family members. While they are often my greatest source of annoyance, they are also my most frequent source of laughter and happiness.