Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer Update

Chris and Bobbi--this is for you:)

We are alive! Sorry for the lack of blogging all summer. Everyone has been really busy. I've been working for a children's summer program doing a variety of day/overnight camps, and everyone else has been involved in the camps one way or another (either by volunteering or attending), and hanging out doing regular summer things like swimming, biking, making waterparks in the front yard, etc...

DINOMIGHT POWER CAMP--Power camp is an academic camp for Dinomight players. This year we studied weather and natural disasters. We did lots of fun experiments involving tornadoes, earthquakes, etc... Isaac did a great job working one-on-one with one of the youngest Dinomights.

This is a picture of Tekle and Aaron with their new friend Kristy. Kristy came from out-of-state with a group of highschoolers to volunteer in the summer program for a week. She was adopted from Ethiopia and her family is amazingly similar to ours. There are 8 kids in her family (just like ours), five were adopted (just like ours), and they have done both Ethiopian and domestic adoptions (just like us).

HORSE CAMP: Janaya attended and I was a counselor at a Horse Camp for middle schoolers.

Aaron and Tekle struggling to survive the heat...

Janaya and Lacy taking pictures after accepting a Dinomight grant.

Lacy and I having a sleepover with one of our favorite people in the world...LEAH!! She tutors Lacy and mentors me...she's basically the best.

HONEYROCK CAMP- We took ninety-five 3rd-5th graders on a week-long overnight camp. Honeyrock is one of my favorite weeks of the year--I have been there 3 times as a camper, and 4 times as a counselor. It is a beautiful week full of new experiences for kids, amazing music, and lots of energy! Lacy and I both went this year. Notice her hair in the first picture--we spent the whole night before camp braiding it, only for her to take them out the THIRD day, just because two little rubberbands fell out. grr....

This is a picture of all the Dinomights who went to camp. Six of the counselors who went to Honeyrock are Dinomight alumni (Taurean and Xavier aren't pictured though)