Sunday, April 27, 2008

Videos From Janaya's Camera

This first video is from Valentines Day when Aaron pretended to be able to read his own V-day card from my one knew Janaya was videotaping--we thought she was just taking pictures!

The Second One is HILARIOUS--I think it is an excellent portrayal of Janaya's ability to aggravate people and the pride she takes in doing so :)

What's not to love about junior high??

[Edit] First Pic removed because Janaya didn't think it was "cute" enough!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tekle for President?

The other day Tekle asked my mom and I "What if someday I'm the Prime Minister?" Then he followed up with "Wait, what's a prime minister?"

After explaining that the Prime Minister is similar to the President, and that you would actually have to be born in a country that has a prime minister to be one, he asked
"Then where can I be president?"
We hesitated for a second as the realization that Tekle would not eligible to be the president of the US crossed both of our minds, and then my mom and I simultaneously told him "Ethiopia!".

He seemed satisfied with our answer. However, it did make me realize the predicament of internationally adopted kids who dream of being president. They can't be elected in the United States because they weren't born here, and they are so far removed from their birth countries that the likelihood of being elected there (if their country of origin is a democracy) is pretty slim.

I personally think Tekle would make a great president, but for now I guess he'll have to change the world another way!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Community BBQ

At Leah's house with some of my favorite kids, and a bunch of Leah's friends and neighbors! I LOVE my city :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Aaron's Attempts at an Insult

Aaron and I were playing outside this week and he was really concerned about stepping in the mud. I thought it was hilarious and teasingly said, "Oh Aaron, you are such a pretty boy!" He angrily responded, "Don't call me a pretty boy! YOU'RE really pretty!"

Later he thought he really got me when he called me a "Sweetie-face!!"

Most kids get offended if they are called a 'baby', and Aaron is no exception. However, he takes it a step even further. If you make Aaron mad there is a good chance he will call you a 'toddler'. We always hear Aaron and Tekle yelling back and forth





And since Jesse thoughtfully taught Aaron what the word 'infant' means before he left for Namibia, that gets added into the mix as well.

***If you're not following the rationale of a preschooler, what makes 'infant' the ultimate diss is that infants are even littler than babies...
And preschoolers want to be BIG!

I think if anyone's a "sweetie-face" in this house, it's Aaron!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's beginning to look like SPRING!

Tekle got so excited today when he saw that some of the flowers were beginning to grow. He is very fascinated with the outdoors in general, but he especially loves flowers. The poor kid came home from Ethiopia in the middle of winter (2 years ago), and though he has always been a very good sport about the snow, there have definitely been times when he misses living in a warm climate! A few months after he arrived in the USA, Tekle came home from the store with a huge bag of artificial flowers, saying that they looked just like "E-tee-opia".

Today is Isaac's 16th birthday! Lacy and I were singing Happy Birthday to him as he walked up to our house after school until we realized that he had his headphones on and couldn't even hear us. Oh well--Happy Birthday Ike! We love you!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Two Months!

My siblings are all on Spring break this week. Despite the unpredictable weather (rain, snow, sun), they seem to be having a lot of fun. They've already been to the zoo and the science museum, and this afternoon my parents took them to a hotel about 15 minutes away so I'm sure they will be swimming all night (that's the large family version of a vacation).

On another note, only two more months until I leave for Mexico! I am so excited and anxious to get down there, but I have a feeling the time is going to go by pretty fast. I only have four weeks left of school and then the Month of May will be super busy, so I should have plenty to do until May 24.

I watched all the videos from my December trip last night and it made me want to be in Mexico RIGHT NOW! Here is a clip of Victoria and Esteban singing the Spanish version of "I'm in the Lord's army". Esteban suddenly got shy and decided to stop singing about halfway through, but Victoria sang it all! Aren't they adorable??

***P.S. Thanks again to those of you who have donated to my trip! It is so very appreciated :)***