Friday, April 18, 2008

Aaron's Attempts at an Insult

Aaron and I were playing outside this week and he was really concerned about stepping in the mud. I thought it was hilarious and teasingly said, "Oh Aaron, you are such a pretty boy!" He angrily responded, "Don't call me a pretty boy! YOU'RE really pretty!"

Later he thought he really got me when he called me a "Sweetie-face!!"

Most kids get offended if they are called a 'baby', and Aaron is no exception. However, he takes it a step even further. If you make Aaron mad there is a good chance he will call you a 'toddler'. We always hear Aaron and Tekle yelling back and forth





And since Jesse thoughtfully taught Aaron what the word 'infant' means before he left for Namibia, that gets added into the mix as well.

***If you're not following the rationale of a preschooler, what makes 'infant' the ultimate diss is that infants are even littler than babies...
And preschoolers want to be BIG!

I think if anyone's a "sweetie-face" in this house, it's Aaron!!


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Your little brothers are so cute!