Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's beginning to look like SPRING!

Tekle got so excited today when he saw that some of the flowers were beginning to grow. He is very fascinated with the outdoors in general, but he especially loves flowers. The poor kid came home from Ethiopia in the middle of winter (2 years ago), and though he has always been a very good sport about the snow, there have definitely been times when he misses living in a warm climate! A few months after he arrived in the USA, Tekle came home from the store with a huge bag of artificial flowers, saying that they looked just like "E-tee-opia".

Today is Isaac's 16th birthday! Lacy and I were singing Happy Birthday to him as he walked up to our house after school until we realized that he had his headphones on and couldn't even hear us. Oh well--Happy Birthday Ike! We love you!


Nikki said...

Happy birthday Isaac! I *love* that picture of Tekle- that is soooo cute! It's getting a *little* warmer here... for the first time yesterday, I didn't wear boots and a winter jacket :o

Amanda said...

Love the pics.:-)
It's really been feeling like spring here! except for the fact that it supposed to be rainy and
50 degrees in the next couple days:-(

momteacherfriend said...

The word freedom comes to mind in that first one of Lacey.
Great pics.