Friday, April 25, 2008

Tekle for President?

The other day Tekle asked my mom and I "What if someday I'm the Prime Minister?" Then he followed up with "Wait, what's a prime minister?"

After explaining that the Prime Minister is similar to the President, and that you would actually have to be born in a country that has a prime minister to be one, he asked
"Then where can I be president?"
We hesitated for a second as the realization that Tekle would not eligible to be the president of the US crossed both of our minds, and then my mom and I simultaneously told him "Ethiopia!".

He seemed satisfied with our answer. However, it did make me realize the predicament of internationally adopted kids who dream of being president. They can't be elected in the United States because they weren't born here, and they are so far removed from their birth countries that the likelihood of being elected there (if their country of origin is a democracy) is pretty slim.

I personally think Tekle would make a great president, but for now I guess he'll have to change the world another way!


SELENA said...

Hi...I'm a new reader of your blog => I'm 24, who live in indonesia and still in college. I can see you as a great daughter and sister of your family. Your family is amazing, can't wait to have my own, someday...when i'm over 30!lol
Keep rockin' coz you are the best that God has given ~Selly

Anonymous said...

Please tell Tekle that here in New Zealand he just has to become a citizen first, before he becomes Prime Minister.. he doesn't have to be born here.
Kay (NZ)

KelseyChristine said...

haha, that's good to know, I'll be sure to give Tekle the message! Thanks Kay

SELENA said...

We don't have to be a president or prime minister to change the world. Sometimes people like us can make a good changes for the world. Being a president or prime minister doesn't mean they know what's the best for their people. But i'm sure Tekle would be a great leader in the future. Let Tekle know that. ~Selly

KelseyChristine said...

I agree Selena--there are lots of ways to change the world! And I DEFINITELY agree that just because someone is the president doesn't mean they know what's best for the people. Thanks for sharing! :)

Leslie said...

Equality for Adopted Children ( is trying to change that so that Tekle (or G, or any of our adopted children) could become the president too! So by the time he's old enough, maybe that will be changed! :)

KelseyChristine said...

That would be amazing Leslie...thanks for sharing! What a cool organization.