Friday, April 04, 2008

Two Months!

My siblings are all on Spring break this week. Despite the unpredictable weather (rain, snow, sun), they seem to be having a lot of fun. They've already been to the zoo and the science museum, and this afternoon my parents took them to a hotel about 15 minutes away so I'm sure they will be swimming all night (that's the large family version of a vacation).

On another note, only two more months until I leave for Mexico! I am so excited and anxious to get down there, but I have a feeling the time is going to go by pretty fast. I only have four weeks left of school and then the Month of May will be super busy, so I should have plenty to do until May 24.

I watched all the videos from my December trip last night and it made me want to be in Mexico RIGHT NOW! Here is a clip of Victoria and Esteban singing the Spanish version of "I'm in the Lord's army". Esteban suddenly got shy and decided to stop singing about halfway through, but Victoria sang it all! Aren't they adorable??

***P.S. Thanks again to those of you who have donated to my trip! It is so very appreciated :)***


cathy said...

We are excited for you. Your trip to Mexico sounds thrilling, and I know God will use you mightily.

Love the Easter family photo! THAT'S the Kelsey I knew!

Nikki said...

Hehehe, so cute!! I wish I had videos of the DR! My camera was pretty crappy and had no sound for videos, so I only have one (of Frangelis and me). I already bought a camera *and* video camera for next summer!! I am sure the 2 months will go by quickly for you! Especially now the the weather is getting nice and summer is coming! Oh, wait... I don't remember where you live- it could already be nice. Well it was in the negatives here yesterday and is a little bit sunny today, so I know that will help me get through the three months I am waiting!!

Amanda said...

How cute!lol!