Friday, May 23, 2008

And I'm Off!!

So bright and early tomorrow I will be on a plane, on my way to Miracle Ranch! I am so excited. I've had an amazing week with friends and family, and will miss everyone so much while I'm gone. I had lots of fun tonight making s'mores with my family in the backyard, and then jumping on the trampoline till dark with Aaron, Tekle, and Lacy. I only had to choke back tears a few times :)

I will definitely continue writing on this blog because I want to keep people updated on Z's adoption. I will also be writing a separate blog for Miracle Ranch and would love if you guys checked it out!

Here some pics taken this last week of just a few of the faces I'm going to miss this summer!

As you can see, Aaron is pretty happy to have Jesse home from Namibia!

What's more precious than a sleeping kid?


Mandy said...

Have a FANTASTIC trip! I'll be following along on both blogs!

Leah Marie said...

Kels.. Love that Lacy is wearing the top to her new swimsuit in the picture under the umbrella. I will miss you so much. Yesterday as you got into Paul's jeep lacy said "Take one last look at her.. she might change in 3 months." Oh the things ten year olds say.. I LOVE YOU... and I am looking forward to hearing about what this summer brings & what God teaches you.

Sarah said...


i was wondering your take on the serious and several allegations of sexual and physical abuse from Rancho Milagro. I came across in on Google and wondered if you were aware of it.
You can email me at

KelseyChristine said...

Hey Sarah,

I read those allegations too, but that´s actually another ¨Rancho el Milagro¨. I came across the articles when I googled it as well. I was really worried at first but as I read more it became clear that it was a different orphanage. The man who runs Rancho el Milagro where I am staying is Cesar Uribe. Its a lot smaller than the other one (which is closer to Tijuana if Im remembering correctly) and they only recently started allowing girls into the home here (there are only three and they are all under 7). Previously it was just for boys. Miracle Ranch is a pretty popular name...there are even a few in the United States!

It´s absolutely terrible what happened at the other Rancho el Milagro. It was painful to read the articles. I can´t even imagine...

Thanks for your concern! If you have any more questions feel free to email me at kelcctsn22 @

KelseyChristine said...
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