Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Few More Details

Thank you all for the congrats! We are so very, very excited. In the words of Aaron:

"She is so cute! I want her to come home RIGHT NOW!"

My sentiments exactly.

To answer Nikki's question, no, unfortunately I do not get to travel this time. My Mom is going for sure and we are hoping that the finances work out so that my Dad can travel too. I want to go so, so, so, bad!! Although I got to have the trip of a lifetime when my Mom and I brought Tekle home, so I guess I should be happy that my Dad might get to have the same experience :)

Here's a little bit more about Z:

~She likes dolls
~She likes balls
~She is described as calm, sweet, and quiet (Hopefully she isn't too intimidated by her not-so-calm-and-quiet-but-still-very-sweet siblings! Although my Mom says she needs a more laid back kid to balance the rest of us...)
~Zenebech and Aaron may be "virtual twins" if she is closer to 3.5...but if she's 2.5 she will be the baby of the family.

I will share more details as we learn more about her. We are using AAI this time (although we still love CHSFS), so hopefully we will get a few pictures/updates from other traveling families.

And this is a little off topic, but I thought I'd share a sweet moment between Tekle and Aaron that happened last night when we were reading stories before bed...

Aaron: "Can I come on your bed too?"

Tekle: "Sure"

Aaron: "Thanks! I really love Tekle. He's a nice brother. He put my band-aid on for me today. And I put his stickers (on the sticker chart) on for him today too! What do you say for that Tekle?"

Tekle: "Uhh that was nice..."

Aaron: [insert 'mommy' voice] "Do you say thank-you?"

Tekle: "Thanks dude"

And then Aaron smiled a very satisfied sort of smile :)


Jim & Laurel said...

Congrats on the new sis! Yea!

I got a new title recently, for our kids that are so close in age ... "virtual twins", of which we now have 2 sets.



Nikki said...

Aww, she sounds adorable. And I love that little conversation between Aaron and Tekle, hehe that is so cute!!!

KelseyChristine said...


Virtual twins sounds waaay better than "artificial twins"! That term has always made me cringe a little bit. I'm going to edit my post and use 'virtual' instead...


Jennifer said...

I never get tired of checking in on you and your family... I can't wait to hear more about your little sister.
Congratulations to your whole family.