Monday, October 06, 2008

Ah the Joy of Learning...

I tutor Lacy and Tekle after school three days a week and Aaron has recently decided that he wants in on the action too.
Word of advice: If you hope to make any sort of academic progress with the adored youngest child of the family, make sure you do it when there are no other siblings around!! Lacy and Tekle were both present for Aaron's first "lesson", and to them he could literally do no wrong. First Aaron wrote the letter 'A' and Lacy and Tekle started cheering so enthusiastically you would have thought he had just won a grammy...
Then we moved on to the letter B, and once again Aaron's efforts were met with lots of excitement. The problem was that he did not write the letter B...
K: "Lacy, do you realize that was an F?"
L: "Yeah, but it was a really good F!"
I suppose it's a good thing that they are so encouraging, but it's not going to help Aaron very much in school if he writes his B's as F's (Can you imagine if he tried to write the word 'buck'?!)

I try to learn from my mistakes, so today Aaron and I did his "homework" alone in his room. First we worked on writing his name. I attempted to give him some imagery that would help him remember how each letter is shaped, but he came up with much better examples than mine...
Kelsey: "So r's are really easy, they are just a line with a little tail on top" (don't ask where the tail thing came from--I had a long day!)
Aaron: "No [insert that's the silliest thing I've ever heard tone of voice]. It looks like a sink!"

Kelsey: "O's are the easiest...they're just a circle."
Aaron: Actually it looks like a bouncy ball!"

Kelsey: (finally resigned to the fact that my imagery wasn't going to be sufficient) "So what does the 'n' look like?"
Aaron: "It looks like 'r'!"

Ok then.

The mind of a preschooler is a marvelous thing :)

Speaking of preschoolers...Nine more days until Z's court date!!

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Laurel said...

Very cute!

I'm trying to teach the youngest to read right now, and with 8 older siblings at home ... he gets way too much "help".

Laurel :) (my new ministry site)