Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dinomight Fundraiser

As if these last few weeks haven't been exciting enough with the election of our first black president, the Dinomights also had the awesome opportunity to meet the first black man to break the color barrier in the NHL at our fundraiser last night, Mr. Willie O Ree. He spoke to the kids about his struggles in the NHL and said that not one day went by where he was not faced with racism and bigotry. He encouraged the kids to never give up even even in the midst of adversity. He is truly a hero to me and all of the Dinomight kids, and it was so beautiful to hear from the man that paved the way for teams that look like ours in the world of hockey. He is known as "The Jackie Robinson of the NHL".

We also had another special guest--Brad Bombradir of the Minnesota Wild presented awards to our kids based on their academic achievement, leadership, and service to others.

Most of the following pictures were taken by Edward, who decided he would like to be the photographer of the night. He was so cute walking around asking EVERYONE if they would like their picture taken (including the tech guys running the power point). He even did a self-portrait :)

Dinomight Alumni (and really good friends of mine!)

My old Bible-study leader, Erica and I

Such a fun night! I am extremely proud to be a Dinomight alumni and and blessed to be able to continue being involved in such an incredible program.

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Scott and Kari said...

We are blessed by you Kelsey! Thank you for your dedication to DM.