Sunday, November 16, 2008

Guess Who's Going to Ethiopia??

Nope...not me.

We are working to get a passport expedited for her asap.
Yup, I'm a bit jealous...but I know it will be an AMAZING experience for her! The 10 days I spent in Ethiopia had a huge impact on my life, so I am thrilled that Janaya will get a similar opportunity. YAY :)
The plan is for them to leave on December 7 and come home Christmas Eve. What an incredible Christmas gift!

We think Janaya and Zena kind of look alike.. Especially their eyebrows--haha I know that's random, but just LOOK at them! Here are 3 pics of Janaya when she was younger, and a few more of Zena :)


Nikki said...

That is awesome- she will love it, what an amazing experience for her!

Andrea said...

That is such great news for you mommy. I didn't want her traveling alone. I care about her too much. I was going to protect her but that is really good news.

Wow there is a huge resemblance.