Friday, December 05, 2008

Fa La La La La La La La La

We had our traditional Christmas-tree decorating party this week! We hauled the boxes upon boxes of decorations down from storage, ate a delicious dinner, and then got to work! Okay, okay, my Mom got to work. She does most of the house decorating, while the kids stick to the tree. For some reason though there are only a few candy canes left despite the fact that we hung two huge boxes of them. The rule in our house is that you can only eat a candy cane if it breaks which means they conveniently fall and snap into pieces quite often. Sadly, we also broke quite a few ornaments this year because we took out the rug in our living room and breakable Christmas ornaments don't mix well with hardwood floors.

My Dad made homemade hot chocolate for everybody! It was amazing :)

I LOVE our house at Christmas time. We have such a cool blend of Christmas decorations that represent a variety of cultures, ranging from Ethiopian to Swedish to African American, and even a few others.I love that my siblings don't just see images of a white Santa and a blue eyed baby Jesus during the Christmas season. Instead they can celebrate the birth of Christ the way I believe it was meant to be celebrated--valuing people from all tribes, tongues, and nations.

And of course we had to conclude the night by watching the Claymations :) I think the walrus scene is a unanimous favorite!

P.S. My Mom and Janaya leave for Ethiopia on SUNDAY!!! Well technically Monday, but they leave for D.C. on Sunday :)



Mandy said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Its awesome that so many cultures and traditions are celebrated in your home.

Justin_Michael said...

I agree, that must be very interesting. I love to learn about different cultures, unfortunately you must learn about the hardships of others too. That is why I have dedicated my Wordpress page to The Invisible Children for December. Check it out

Doug and Rebecca said...

You have a beautiful family!!!

I enjoyed reading through your blog ('s late!). So, where is Miracle Ranch? It's one I've never heard of.

Bendiciones, hermana mia!

KelseyChristine said...

Hi Rebecca!

Miracle Ranch is a children's home in Valle de las Palmas, super close to Tecate and not too far from Tijuana. Thanks for stopping by :)