Monday, December 29, 2008

First Days Together

Here is Zeni being introduced to the snow. She's smiling in the picture but screamed when Jesse had her touch it. She's not a big fan yet :)

Zenebech LOVES pictures of herself! She was so excited to find a bunch of her pics all over the house and she kept giving them kisses. I've also figured out that if I show her her reflection in the mirror while she's crying, she will forget whatever she's crying about and flash her gorgeous smile!

Aren't I lucky to have so much "help" on the computer??

Zeni LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, her "babies". She lines them all up on the floor just like they do at her orphanage, and then takes turns loving on each one. She'll pick one up, rock it for a second, speak some soft words to it, then set it down and do the same with the next baby in line. She also brings bottles around and makes sure they all get fed. She has clearly observed the care-givers at KM very carefully.

Silly faces!

Aaron is doing amazingly well with losing his place as the youngest kid. He is very sweet with Zeni. When she cries he insightfully suggests things like "I think she's missing Ethiopia". He did however ask the same question Jesse asked my mom when I was born:
"Can you return kids?". Actually I think Jesse's exact question was "Did you save the receipt?" He thought my Mom could just bring me back to the hospital...

He is regressing a lit bit by using "baby-talk" and wanting to be held a lot. He also seems to be trying to be as cute as possible to make sure we don't forget about him--nothing overwhelming or annoying, just excesively sweet. I'm trying to spend some time with just him (Bingo was a hit today) and make sure I'm giving him lots of attention, but I think I can do better. Today he told my mom "Mommy, I want to cuddle!" haha. I LOVE that kid so much and am so proud that he is such an awesome big brother.

And we are all just so HAPPY to have our sweet girl home!!!


Leslie said...

She is precious! I know there are always those bumpy moments--good thing you all have a sense of humor! I'm glad to hear that things are going well!

Mark and Sarah said...

I can't help but read your blog and think, oh my goodness, this is the most mature girl I've ever heard of! You are so thoughtful and observant. Wise beyond your years. What a blessing you must be to your mom. You are the dearest big sis to your young siblings. Enjoy Zeni (love that nickname!). Was she home for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kels! I can't wait to meet your new sister! But now you have to change the name of your blog...:o)

Love ya,

Matthew and Amanda said...

YEAH!! So glad to hear the initial adjustment is going well. Love the picture of her in her Ethiopia dress!


Kathy said...

We are SO happy for you all! It's so great that's Zene's home & settling in. Zerihun was not a big fan of the snow either, but he LOVES his boots!
Tell your mom we said hi & tell Zene that Zerhun said Hi too!!
Kathy & family