Sunday, December 14, 2008

News from Ethiopia!!


I just talked to them on the phone!! Zene SANG to me! And I heard her laugh--she has a super loud, giggly, laugh! And she also said everybody's names in our family :) Oh my word she sounds absolutely PRECIOUS!!! And funny too :)

My mom said they went back to her orphanage yesterday (Kidane) and Zene had brought a sippy cup of water with her and went around to share a drink with all of the kids there. What a sweetheart. Janaya calls her "mini-me" because apparantly she has a mischievious side ;) The whole time I was talking to my mom I could hear her and Janaya laughing, and playing, and singing, and screaming, in the background. It was so fun to hear!

We have finally recieved a nice long email from my Mom in Ethiopia. Ahhh I am SO excited to meet this amazing little girl!!

Here is an excerpt from the email:

You better get used to saying Zenebesh or Zene (say Zeny) because no one says Zena. Zene is adorable she can say everyone's name and point to the pics. She sings the Barney song and abc's and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. She says Tekle right--like an Ethiopian. Aaron better get ready to teach her how to play basketball because right now all she knows is soccer. Hey Jesse--she has a perfect throw in--over her head, feet on the ground. She loves to mix and match so she and Lacy should have lots of fun. Kelsey, you had better practice your Amharic because that is all she speaks!! Singing and dancing are her favorite so she and Isaac have a lot in common. She says Peter so cute with a wonderful little accent. She loves to pick out all of Daddy's pics. All in all she is a perfect "S". I can't wait until you meet her. She is very independent--wants to do everything herself but she is sweet and will share so nicely with her friends back at Kidane. The sisters are so nice--I like them a lot. I miss you all so much!


Meanwhile, back on the homefront we are continuing to do our best at keeping the kids entertained. Friday night we went to a parade downtown and the kids absolutely LOVED it. Tekle said that Downtown is the coolest place in the whole wide world. I guess we haven't been down there at night in awhile, so the tall buildings all lit up were quite the sight.

Last night Dad went to a Christmas party with some friends from church and the kids and I hung out at home. Isaac's friend brought over dinner for everyone (thanks Mari!), and we made chocolate covered pretzels for desert. That was an extremely messy little project and I still am wondering what I was thinking doing it after bathtime, but the boys had fun getting all full of chocolate. Tekle said "This is my dream!". haha.


Nikki said...

Oh my gosh!! She is precious! I am sooo excited to see more pictures and hear more about her when she comes home! She is beautiful.

Completely unrelated, remember how i talked to you earlier abotu Dinomights and doing something similar with karate for all the newcomer refugee families in my city? Well- thank YOU for inspiring me by posting about all you do with Dinomights. We have the karate ready to go and we start January 3rd! I am so excited!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the update. Zena sounds like so much fun.

Mandy said...

Awwww, how cute, Zena is adorable. The chocolate covered pretzel making looks like a lot of fun too.

Kathy said...

Kelsey -
I was staying at the Ritmo at the same time as your Mom & sisters. I have pictures to send you - email me at ksso3 @ sbcglobal. net


LuraEnChile said...

Kelsey! Im so excited for you! you´re gunna have to change your ¨family of ten¨headline in your blog soon!


KelseyChristine said...

haha I know Lura, you're right...
I'm waiting until I get some really good pics of everybody and then I'm going to re-design the whole thing!