Thursday, December 11, 2008

Operation-Distract-the-Kids-From-the-Fact-that-Mom's-Not-Here-Has Begun!

Ok I think we need an acronym for this operation. But ODTKFTFTMNH is too long. How about just Operation Distract Kids? ODK :)

The little boy I tutor (Edward) and two other Dinomights named Cornelius and Pierre came over to my parents for a pizza party with my siblings. My Dad taught everyone how to make homemade pizzas and everyone did such a good job sharing ingredients and being creative with their pizzas. We also made little frosted Christmas trees out of icecream cones, frosting, candy, and fruitloops for desert (Thanks Angela for the idea!)

Edward about to take a bite of his tree!

Aaron's super genuine smile---NOT.

The highlight of the evening though was the dance party. It is pretty common for my siblings to blast music and break out into dance competitions, and I loved how the 3 Dinomight boys just jumped right in :) If the videos cooperate with me I will add them to this post later!

Shh don't tell, but the boys also had lots of fun testing out Zena's doll house. Tekle said "just pretend everything's not pink and purple" :)

At the end of the night Lacy said "Those were some really sweet boys you brought over, you should invite them over again soon!". She was so cute helping everybody with their Christmas trees, and cheering them on during the dance competition. From the way she interacts with kids I think she would be an amazing teacher someday (or something along those lines). Lacy has strong leadership qualities and it's always so beautiful when she decides to use them to do something nice for somebody else.

I will post news about Zena when we get some, but we aren't getting many details from my Mom and Janaya other than "Zena is wonderful". Uhh well we already knew that! Elaborate a bit please guys...geesh.


Andrea said...

Glad you are keeping the kids occupied. I was laughing for what you said about your mom. Hopefully soon you will get a more detailed email.

Angela said...

Oh my goodness!! The cones turned out SO SO SO SO cute!!!
What a fun 'mom substitute' YOU are!! :)

I really do LOVE the book The ADVENTure of Christmas by Lisa Welchel. That is where I got the idea for the hershey kisses countdown to Christmas, and the Christmas Tree Cones... She has a ton of easy ideas like that in her book! VERY fun!!

So excited for Z to be HOME! YaY!!

rachel said...

Your family is truly so precious! I love the togetherness and the love that seems to be bursting out of all of you. I love reading your tales of joy and adventure. You guys are truly a family to be admired!