Saturday, May 30, 2009


Can I just say how much I LOVE having a little girl in the house? Zenebesh plays with dolls, dresses up her teddy bears, has tea parties, wears pretty princess dresses, and loves to be held and cuddled. She also wrestles with the boys and searches for caterpillars. She has a a big attitude but an even bigger heart and is so loving and sweet. The other night I hurt my shin playing softball and she got really concerned. She kept asking how I was, giving me hugs, and saying how 'mean' the man was who hit the ball at me (although it really wasn't his fault). She is LOUD and will often laugh so hard that tears start coming out of her eyes. She keeps the rest of us laughing too. Her facial expressions, her bossiness, her assumption that she runs can all be absolutely hilarious. She loves to sing and thinks that that the lyrics to the song "Sing Hosanna" are actually "Sing Oh Zena!". If she doesn't see me for a day she'll call and demand "You come MY HOUSE!" and won't hang up until I agree. These are the kind of things you can't learn in a referral or social report. We've come so far from those simple descriptions of "Quiet" (HA!) and "sweet". Discovering the real Zeni has been incredible and the journey's just begun :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Carnival :)

I think this is one of my favorite pictures in the entire world. It's such a happy picture of three of my favorite boys! Tekle and Edward (the little boy I tutor through Dinomights) are such good friends. It is so sweet to watch them play together and even though Edward is a couple years older they get along really well. I love how they spontaneously throw their arms around each other's shoulders :)

Janaya and Zeni enjoying the nice weather. I have some gorgeous sisters don't I?

Janaya fearlessly racing against the boys...

Edward racing Aaron :)

Lacy, Nancy, and Lucy. I feel like there are a bazillion pictures of these girls in the world. They haev been friends FOREVER.

Zeni happily played with my scarf while the speaker was talking. She LOVES scarves. Anytime I wear one she takes it off and wraps it around her head or else asks me to use it as a carrier to hold her on my back. At one point the man who was speaking mentioned something about fasting, and Zeni got really concerned. She said "NO food?! NO water?! SAD!" and looked like she was about to cry. It's hard to explain choosing not to eat to a little girl who most likely has experienced plenty of involuntary hunger in her short lifetime...

Oh these boys :)

Sweet Lydia

And what's a summer carnival without street hockey?? Here's the faceoff. Little Zaire doesn't seem intimidated at all.

Edward and Tekle were the cutest goalies ever--they were competing against each other though!

Lacy and Edison

A Perfect hockey pose :)

Janaya, her BFF Adelle, Aaron and Zeni.


This is Isaac's "Oh my gosh Kelsey, I can't believe your taking a picture of me and my friends" face. For the record I knew Paola (middle) before him and she seems happy to be in the pic :) Notice Isaac is sporting his Ethiopian shirt!

The band

Kathy and Charlene and the stylish ice cream truck...


Summer is here!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!!

There are SO many reasons why I love my mom. Here are just a few:
*She has a HUGE heart
*She makes me laugh :)
*She takes me out for hot fudge when I'm sad.
*She breaks the stereotype that kids in big families don't get enough attention. It is clear that we are her #1 priority and I have NEVER felt like she doesn't have enough time for me.
*She likes Beyonce
*She loves my Dad A LOT, and I have always had the rare example of a strong marriage to look up to.
*She knows me REALLY well and loves me anyway :)

Jesse was very proud of the artistic drink he made for my mom :)