Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!!

There are SO many reasons why I love my mom. Here are just a few:
*She has a HUGE heart
*She makes me laugh :)
*She takes me out for hot fudge when I'm sad.
*She breaks the stereotype that kids in big families don't get enough attention. It is clear that we are her #1 priority and I have NEVER felt like she doesn't have enough time for me.
*She likes Beyonce
*She loves my Dad A LOT, and I have always had the rare example of a strong marriage to look up to.
*She knows me REALLY well and loves me anyway :)

Jesse was very proud of the artistic drink he made for my mom :)


Andrea said...

Hey! Thank you for coming by to visit. I always love to see what you have to share. ;o)
Love your family pics, and your mom is a special lady! ;o)

steffany said...

So sweet.

Leah Marie said...

cute.. and look at zenabesh's hair!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

I agree- sounds like your mom ROCKS! Precious family for sure~ She is blessed. Amy