Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Carnival :)

I think this is one of my favorite pictures in the entire world. It's such a happy picture of three of my favorite boys! Tekle and Edward (the little boy I tutor through Dinomights) are such good friends. It is so sweet to watch them play together and even though Edward is a couple years older they get along really well. I love how they spontaneously throw their arms around each other's shoulders :)

Janaya and Zeni enjoying the nice weather. I have some gorgeous sisters don't I?

Janaya fearlessly racing against the boys...

Edward racing Aaron :)

Lacy, Nancy, and Lucy. I feel like there are a bazillion pictures of these girls in the world. They haev been friends FOREVER.

Zeni happily played with my scarf while the speaker was talking. She LOVES scarves. Anytime I wear one she takes it off and wraps it around her head or else asks me to use it as a carrier to hold her on my back. At one point the man who was speaking mentioned something about fasting, and Zeni got really concerned. She said "NO food?! NO water?! SAD!" and looked like she was about to cry. It's hard to explain choosing not to eat to a little girl who most likely has experienced plenty of involuntary hunger in her short lifetime...

Oh these boys :)

Sweet Lydia

And what's a summer carnival without street hockey?? Here's the faceoff. Little Zaire doesn't seem intimidated at all.

Edward and Tekle were the cutest goalies ever--they were competing against each other though!

Lacy and Edison

A Perfect hockey pose :)

Janaya, her BFF Adelle, Aaron and Zeni.


This is Isaac's "Oh my gosh Kelsey, I can't believe your taking a picture of me and my friends" face. For the record I knew Paola (middle) before him and she seems happy to be in the pic :) Notice Isaac is sporting his Ethiopian shirt!

The band

Kathy and Charlene and the stylish ice cream truck...


Summer is here!!!


steffany said...

I LOVE all the photos.
I can't believe how big they're all getting especially Tekle. He looks so good.
Very handsome

Leah Marie said...

This posting is awesome! Love it. I need to come over to your house soon. =)

Selly said...

Hey there Kelsey...I hope u still remember me...I wanted to talk more but I keep forgetting my username n'm happy to see that u guys are having fun...where's ur baby sis...any news? btw, u have Facebook or Twitter? Wanna give a shout out to u there. :)

KelseyChristine said...

Hey Selly,
Zeni's home! She's in the pics but you probably didn't recognize her because she is definitely not a baby--she's almost FOUR :D
Nope I don't have a twitter...haven't figured that one out yet!! Maybe someday :)

Selly said...

Oh my...I'm so gonna check those faces out one by

Andrea H. said...

The pictures are so awesome and I love the neigborhood your living at. Zene has grown so much. You should quiz Zene sometimes and ask her who she remembers from Kidane. I would be curious. All Amira and Biruk remember is Zene, Eden, Nesradine, and Tekalgn.

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures!! Happy Summer! :0) Amy