Saturday, June 06, 2009


I get sick at very inconvenient times. Like vacations and birthdays. A bunch of people I know have been sick with different things lately and I somehow got a combination of all of their symptoms! I've had a fever, a cough that is burning my chest, a sore throat, stuffy nose, and I'm losing my voice...bleh.

I still managed to have a very fun birthday though!

My Dad made my my favorite food ever for my birthday dinner. Chicken and spicy rice with berebere, cilantro, lots of peppers, fresh corn, black beans, and MANGO :)

Lacy made me a really amazing cake. It was half chocolate (with purple sprinkles of course) and half whip cream/strawberries.

Tekle was trying so hard to make a mustache for himself out of those little wires.

I'm actually only pretending to blow out the candles here--I didn't want to infect Lacy's beautiful cake with whatever I'm sick with. The kids kindly stepped up and blew them out for me though!

And in case you were worried, even though this blog is about my family I DO have friends and we had fun too :)


Harman said...

Feliz Cumplean~os Kelsey!

ShannonC said...

OH that dinner sounds INCREDIBLE! I must try! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!

Andrea H. said...

Happy, happy birthday Kelsey!!! from Andrea, Biruk and Amira.

Can I pleaaaase have that recipe?

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!! I think your chest is burning from that dinner. ;o) Hope you are feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Happy, happy birthday!!!
I hope you are all better! Can you dad share the recipe for the dinner? It looks fabulous!