Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Blogger

I've noticed that a lot of people's blogging frequency drops significantly in the summer. I'm clearly no exception!
To make up for my lack of words, here are a ton of pictures from our vacation up North. As much as I adore the city, it's nice to get away and enjoy a change of scenery once in awhile :) We had a great time!


Andrea H. said...

Thanks for the new pics. As you may know, my kids were thrilled to see Zene and started singing their ABC's like Zene. Glad you had so much fun on your trip.

mayhem said...

Is that Gooseberry Falls? We're from MN and just spent our vacation up north in MN too. Lots of fun, but we enjoyed some time in Mpls too. The twin cities has tons of great things for kids to do!

Looks like you all had fun spending time together!

KelseyChristine said...

Yup, that's Gooseberry falls! We usually take a trip up there every summer--we love it :)

Leah Marie said...

great pictures. Lacy is stylin in that last one!