Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Re-post in Honor of World Aids Day

How to get involved for World Aids Day 2009:
Be sure to visit Lisa's blog for five ideas of things you can do to support people living with HIV/AIDS and to help stop the spread of this very preventable disease:

Here are some awesome local organizations to hook up with if you are in the area!
Open Arms of MN
Minnesota Aids Project

HIV can NOT be spread through casual/household contact. HIV is not spread through hugging,


shaking hands,

sharing toys,

sneezing, coughing,

sharing food,

sharing drinks,


or any other casual way. It has been proven that HIV and AIDS can only be spread through sexual contact, birth, breastfeeding and blood to blood contact (such as sharing needles).

- HIV is now considered a chronic but manageable disease. With treatment, people who are HIV+ can live indefinitely without developing AIDS and can live long and full lives.

- People who are HIV+ deserve to be treated with love, respect, support and acceptance as all people do. If anyone wants more info on transmission, there is great info on the Center for Disease Control website


Leah Marie said...


Thanks for this post. I think a lot of people in the world have so many misconceptions surrounding HIV & AIDS.

You are an amazing person.

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I still love love love this!!

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Oh I just loved how you did this great picture presentation. You go girl, that is what I thought prior to adopting positive!! :(

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