Monday, January 24, 2011

A Girl Like Me

This is a powerful video about standards of beauty among African American women.The doll experiment where young AA girls are asked to choose between white and black dolls is revealing but incredibly heartbreaking.


Sara said...

I saw this on TV a year ago! I was furios! Because, that is failing as role of parent. 2 days ago, Miss Universe from Angola said, I love who I am, I wouldn't change a thing about me. It is important what we say at home that matter most. Thanks Kelsey for sharing.

sarah bess said...

this is so... (sigh)... sad. It's like that here in India, too. Children here prefer white dolls to black or brown ones. I couldn't get my girls interested in a brown doll until they were about ten, and it's hard to find brown dolls in stores. TV models are all so light, and fairness cream is a must-have. They even advertise a deodorant as giving you "fairer underarms." when a baby is born dark, his parents grieve and debate about whose side he got it from.